Lamellar Wood Structures (TLL)

Lamellar wood structures are designed in accordance with regulation (resistance to snow, wind and seismic activity) and are completely custom-made to adapt to evolving customer needs. Extremely resistant and elegant, they are the perfect solution to create medium-large indoor spaces.

Lamellar wood structures represent without a doubt one of the most aesthetically interesting solutions to cover your sporting and commercial centres.


Like all of our covers, the lamellar wood cover can also be custom-made to fit any shape or size and meet the requirements of the most varied of sporting activities and can be accessorized with all desired optional add-ons:

  • A double STANDARD o SPECIAL membrane to save energy ;
  • Lateral slidable walls;
  • Standard or LED lighting system;
  • Heating and dehumidifying system;
  • Entrances and emergency exits;
  • Textile membrane or insulating panels cover;
  • Covering membrane with single extractable cloths;

A covering membrane made entirely with an extremely resistant, fireproof PVC textile.
As well as the “Standard” Double Membrane, a “Special“ version is available, made with a series of PVC textile strips installed between the adjacent arches (false ceiling design, without thermal bridges between the outer and inner shell to save more than 50% annually on energy consumption).
Such a solution provides for excellent insulation, a significant decrease in condensation and excellent habitability throughout most of the year.



Standard solution in which the side sails are anchored directly to the ground. Slidable doors along the other sides.



An extremely functional solution that allows you to completely perimetrically open cover and is excellent for recirculating air in the summer.

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