Double membrane


For Air Domes and rigid steel or wooden structures.

The double STD membrane, to be applied by high frequency welding to the main membrane, is made of PVC double-coated fabric, weight about 500 gr / m2, fire retardant cl2. The cavity is about 20 cm and is guaranteed by a forced ventilation system obtained through a 220 V fan, a series of air inlet valves and condensate drain valves. With this system a very low thermal K value is obtained with a consequent saving in heating costs of about 30% per year compared to a single sheet.


Double membrane for air Domes.


Double membrane for tensile structures.

SPECIAL double membrane

For pressure switches and rigid steel or wooden structures.

The double SPECIAL membrane has a constant cavity between the external and internal cover (can also be installed later in the tensile structures). The consequent absence of thermal bridges ensures unparalleled energy savings, a reduction in heating costs of about 50 - 55% and an important reduction in the "condensation" phenomenon.


The main advantages of the double membrane are:

  • a significant reduction in the "condensation" phenomenon;
  • a drastic reduction in fuel consumption at the same internal temperature for the
    heating (about 50% less than the single membrane);
  • better habitability in intermediate seasons and excellent insulation in summer with elimination of the "heat hood" effect;
  • excellent natural brightness determined by the diffusive and anti-glare properties of the special internal membrane.

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